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Minecraft - Snow Biome

We all know, that the Lego Micro World was very famous, and a lot of people bought it.

I personally think that more Lego Minecraft sets should be made, so I designed this - the Lego Minecraft Snow Biome!

Cave System screenshot

Top View screenshot

I think it should come with 3 Micromobs - Diamond Armour Steve, a Snow Golem, and a Zombie.

The Micromobs this set would come with.

This set would be the same size as the first one, so it would cost around $35.

Progress Chart

10th July 2013 = 10 Supporters

27th July 2013 = 50 Supporters

My Promises

50 Supporters = I will make the Zombie with Lego bricks, and take a photo (DONE)

100 Supporters = I will make the Snow Golem, and take a photo (DONE, except I don't have any orange pieces, so for now I'll use red)

200 Supporters = I will make Diamond Armoured Steve, and take a photo

500 Supporters = I will make the top part of the set and take a photo

1,000 Supporters = I will make the cave system of the set (so basically, the whole set) and take a photo, and show what it also looks like, when attached to the original set

I really hope this set makes it to 10,000 supporters!

This is where my photos will go. Check back often for updates!

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