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I Work in Space: 'Tow Truck'

This highly-maneuverable craft can, with the right operator, gently capture a wayward satellite (or space walker) and guide them toward a space station. Its flexible grabber arms can perform delicate repairs as well. Seats one minifig. This ship can also dock with the Space Station Module in the 'I Work in Space' series. Comes with a communications satellite.

Sets in the 'I Work in Space' series:
• #55011 'Tow Truck'
• #55009 'Rocket Car'
• #32859 Service Module
• #54996 'Puddle Jumper'
• #32860 Space Station Module

This is the Tow Truck docked with the Space Station Module. There are matching portals on each kit. Inside the Station, the astronaut greets his fellow crew member, who can't get enough of the micro-gravity treadmill.

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