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Mobile Ninjago Monastery


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This is my insane custom mobile Ninjago Monastery!


This is the LEGO mobile Ninjago Monastery I made. It features the monastery on a 10x10 expedition truck with a side ATV. It also includes the Ninja family. This was a week-long project that did take some preparation and persistence because this mobile monastery is the most insane LEGO RV ever! Why is it insane? Well, it has 12 individual slide-outs and a home-like interior!

Why I made this:

I made this because of my brother (again). It started when my brother and I wouldn't get along with our "hobbies". I liked RVs, and he likes Ninjago. So I asked myself, "How can you combine it?" That's when my crazy idea grew. "I will make a mobile monastery, then!" I told my brother about the idea, and he laughed like crazy. He said it would be a crazy idea worth trying.

I also made this because - you know my motto - to show people that RVs are great. This is probably going to be the most insane LEGO RV because it has those double-sliding slide-outs. This is my biggest RV yet - the house being 2,000 pieces already! This project was really a game-changer.

How I made this:

Before I started making the house section, I had built a prototype of the double-sliding slide-outs to see if it will work or not. Watch this video to see how it works:

It did work very well, so I just added the concept into the house. As you can see, the house section is completely red with that cool-looking wall art on there. The house section was luckily 2,000 pieces because the walls are made up of big bricks.

The expedition truck was next. Because this thing would be 45 feet in real life, an existing expedition truck chassis will not fit with this. Because this thing is 6 feet longer than the longest existing expedition motor home, I had to add a 5th axle. This ended up being an insane 10x10 instead of a 8x8. Not to forget, I did add suspension to this (due to the small scale, the shock-absorber is just a flexible axle). The truck has really high ground clearance and high suspension travel.

Lastly, I built the ATV. The ATV is also an insane high-ground clearance vehicle that can seat 9 minifigures. It isn't like a normal SUV and has the center captain seat where the engine would go (who cares anyway... it's Ninjago!). It does have suspension. It uses rubber bands to suspend it. This ATV has 2 large gull-wing doors to easily let the minifigures in.

Here's my video of this model. Watch how it works!

(Not to be suspicious, this whole model is exactly 3,000 pieces. I spend a freak of time trying to reduce the pieces. 99% of the colors here are available and 99% of them are stable and connected!)


Please support and share this! I did much research on finding an idea that will get 1,000 supports! I think this will work. This is my biggest RV yet and will be a legacy in my channel! Thanks a lot! Please share this!

Remember my goal! 1,000 supporters!

1 - 100 supports
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4 - 1,000 supports!

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