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Rocket Penguin Car Model X

Hello, mini-figures of Lego ideas website
I have come to tell you about my Lego set, which you should help support, and I will tell you why.

The brick is from Maverick Storm Lego set from 2002, and it retired at the very end of 2002. The reason is that it has a brick that doesn't make anymore and the brick number 41861c01. It means the Lego set only lasted one year, which means the set is scarce.

Next is reason two, which is it comes with customization, which I didn't see In any other Lego idea LEGO set has. Hears a list of suggestions on how you customize your Rocket Penguin Car
  1. You can customize the car in different colors to fit your personality and preference.
  2. You can add license plates, stud launchers, and various types of lights to it.
  3. You can make it longer or shorter, more comprehensive, or skinnier.
  4. You can also customize the penguin.

Also, there is a reason three is only one other that is not a retired Lego set, Lunar New Year Ice Festival. With only one Lego penguin and one ice penguin. I think there should be more Lego sets that have penguins in them.

The last reason is I built the set because I have a vast Lego obsession, and I love penguins. I have loved penguins ever since I was born. I have loved Lego ever since I was three years old.

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