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Gravely Graden Tractor




It feels great to be back. My apologies for my absence, I was working on a huge project that i will release in later months. However, I would like to say that yes, LDD Gallery has been shut down. However, you can still see my creations, they haven't shut that part down so go check out some of my other free builds. Just search tMfM on the search bar in the gallery and click on any of the projects to then reach my profile, thank you to all that supported me during my time on the program.

Anyway, this is the first model I ever uploaded to the gallery, it is a Gravely tractor with multiple attachments. The Gravely tractor was a massively successful machine that lasted all the way up into the 80s. New models are still made to this day. But my model is based off the vintage model L.

With a sulky, trailer sulky, plow, cultivator, rotary lawn mower, and a reel lawn mower there's nothing this compact tractor can't do!

Once again guys, I post to share, not to achieve 10,000 supporters and publication. This is essentially my gallery now and I hope to have just as much fun here as I did with the LDD galley. Thank you guys for the support!

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