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Renaissance Festival

This isn't exactly a Medieval Village... but it sure does look just like one! Welcome to the LEGO Ren-Fest! (Renaissance Festival) A way to travel back in time and experience the Renaissance!

Why I think this could make a great product: This set is a family-friendly modern take on the classic "Medieval Village". While the Renaissance isn't historically the same as "Medieval times" the Renaissance Festival architecture style works well with the Castle theme. "Medieval" themed builds are still wildly popular amongst LEGO fans. If I could choose the next big LEGO set released I would absolutely pick a RenFest set. I love the castle theme, and while we have gotten a great castle in recent years we are still pining for that surrounding village. An added bonus - you can incorporate all kinds of minifigs into a set like this - modern, fantasty, classic castle, even sci-fi! (Those pesky time travelers who always show up at festivals). The set includes features geared towards display and play and would look great as a stand alone display or paired with a a castle or medieval MOCs. 

What is included in the set:
An entrance gateway
A 2 story tavern with a banner across the front (printed tile/RenFest sign)
Vendors' row featuring shops side by side - where you can pick up one of the famous turkey legs or shop for various trinkets
A theater stage with seating
An archery range
A statue of a classic Renaissance Knight
Walkways with various plant life surrounds the buildings

The Minifigures:
Festival workers: We have 6 Festival workers/actors including 3 shop keepers, a Juggler, and 2 Shakespearean players
Guests: Mix and match the attendees to create your modern families! I've included 2 children and 3 adult minifigs all dressed in modern clothes. 

The technical details:
Piece count is 2712
8 elements in new colors
2 32 x 32 baseplates
Custom printed elements: a Tudor pattern on the white and tan 2x2 window "glass"; a 2x4 tan tile with "Renaissance Festival" printed on it for the banner across the tavern; a 1x6 tile Book Shop sign, and comedy/drama theater masks on the shield displayed above the state 
Existing printed elements: Archery target; 1x4 tile with wood grain; 1x1 & 2x2 round tile with wood grain

I hope you like the idea! Thanks for checking it out!

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