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Roman Temple Ruins

  • I present you a Roman temple not as we could see it 2000 years ago but as we can see today in many archaeological sites such as the forum of Rome for example.

  • Being a fan of the first hour of the Roman Empire, I decided to make this MOC in order to finally see sets from this great period unfortunately forgotten by LEGO. Its current appearance and its scale adapt to the minifigure allows as much to expose it alone as to integrate it in a city such as a modular. It's perfect for adding an original and atypical touch to a city.

  • It is a Roman temple because it has only one access point by a stair in front and there are no columns at the back of the temple because this face was often partially hidden . This type of temple was generally found in the center of the city, closing the square (forum). These columns are fluted and are finished with a Corinthian style capital which was most commonly used in ancient Rome.

  • I was mainly inspired by the square house of Nîmes in France for the architectural style. To give it an aspect of ruins, it is mainly the temples of Saturn and Antoninus and Faustina, both located in the heart of the forum of Rome, that served as my inspiration. The ground motifs are taken from and adapted from the Rome’s pantheon. My set contains 3 archaeologist minifigures, one who photographs the ruins and the other two analyzes a newly found sword. To make the set more lively I added greenery and some objects such as little statue and a partly broken statue. There are 1332 pieces.

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