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Avengers Tower


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This, my friends is one of the biggest models I have ever created! This 8700+ brick replica of the Avengers Tower from Avengers: Age of Ultron is as close to the real thing as you can get! Id say there is about 5000 parts in the base and 3000 in the building its self.

Since the size of this model is gigantic it will be an Ultimate Collectors Edition Set!

This whole set was built on LDD within really a few hours if you add it all up! XD (like a week or so of building).

Sadly Pov-ray would not work with the mega amount of transparent pieces so I just use normal old LDD screenshots with the help of a photo editing software called Picsart.

So halfway through the build I thought to my self... "well this models too small for Minifigs so I was like, Heck lets add a mini Quinjet!" and as you can see I added an awesome custom built Quinjet on the Heli-pad! 

I Really really hope You guys love and support my set! Maybe we will see 10k!


P.s look at my other project! :D

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