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Chuck is definitely one of my favorite TV series. It was broadcast from 2007 to 2012, obtaining excellent reviews, nominations and awards. It's really funny, with tons of guest stars, a must-see series for all nerds like me! 😃
10 years after the last episode, I decided to pay homage to it with this project.

I recreated the main location of the series which is BUY MORE, the electronics store where Chuck works.
And under the shop, the Castle could not be missing, the secret CIA/NSA base where Chuck, Sarah and John Casey train and prepare before each mission.
Even those unfamiliar with the series might like the set, because we all dreamed of being spies with a secret headquarters when we were kids! 

The Buy More area includes:
- Checkout desk
- Video Wall
- Home Theater Room
- Car audio service area
- Break Room
- Manager's Office
- Gaming area
- Nerd Herd desk
- Cameras area
- Music & Movies area
- Smartphone display stand

The double rows of entrance doors are sliding, and the Buy More logo is visible on the glass of the internal ones.

All these zones allow you to recreate numerous scenes from the episodes of the series, making the project really playable and fun.

Here are some details:
- On the checkout desk there is a glass of frozen yogurt from Orange Orange, the store where Sarah does her cover work. Also hanging on the wall is the winner of the "employee of the month" award. As you may have seen in the episode "Chuck Versus the Business Trip", the winner is Morgan! 😉
- Among the records you can see the collection of jeffster! Plus, with the musical instruments in the Buy More, you can recreate their great performances!
- "Big Mike's" office is my absolute favorite, with the big fish and fishing rod hanging on the walls.
I'm sure he likes Chinese cuisine, so I took the liberty of including a very particular menu, taken from the episode "Chuck Versus the Anniversary".
- On the wall of the Break Room hangs the sign "Less Means MORE In Buy More Dollars", proof that the buy more actually has its own currency. Do you remember the first episode?

In the Home Theater Room and in the Break Room there are secret accesses to the Castle, where you can find:
- The hacker station
- Weapon Room
- Conference Room
- Cells
- Dojo
- NCS Area

Also in the Castle there are numerous references to the episodes of the series, here they are:
- The Hacker Station includes everything you need for "The Routine", the routine Chuck used when he was called "The Piranha", as told by Morgan in "Chuck Versus the HackOff".
- Orion's PC which Ellie uses to discover all the secrets of the intersect.
- The suitcase containing the Handheld EMP Device, from the episode "Chuck Versus the Anniversary".
- The Agent X spy will, who appears in the episode "Chuck Versus Agent X".
- In the Dojo you can recreate the final scene from the episode "Chuck Versus the Pink Slip", where Chuck and Casey train!
- In the NCS Area you can keep Orion's pc (Chuck Versus the A-Team), and also Agent X spy will.

Here are all the characters included in this set:
- Chuck Bartowski
- Sarah Walker
- Colonel John Casey
- Morgan Grimes
- Ellie Bartowski
- Devon Woodcomb (Captain Awesome)
- Brigadier General M. Diane Beckman
- Daniel Shaw
- Michael "Big Mike" Tucker
- Lester Patel
- Jeffrey Barnes

Please support it to see it come to life as a LEGO official set, and please share the project on social media to let everyone know about it!

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