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Untitled Goose Board Game

It's a lovely day in the village... and you're about to ruin it again.

Untitled Goose Board Game is a two-player board game based on the hit 2019 video game, featuring one (1) horrible Goose and an innocent Groundskeeper. The Goose’s objective is to place an array of items elsewhere on the board, before becoming eligible to retrieve the village’s bell from the miniature castle and return it to its home. The Groundskeeper’s objective to keep the Goose away, retrieve the broom and take the key, before either locking up the miniature castle or catching the Goose carrying the bell home, thereby stopping the Goose for good.

The Goose must complete the following tasks on its to-do list (in no particular order):
• Place the black cap on the bust
• Place the pint glass in the pond
• Place the penny in the well

Once this is done, the Goose must retrieve the bell from the miniature castle and race home to win the game. The Groundskeeper must retrieve the broom back from the garden, retrieve the key from the desk and either reach the miniature castle in order to lock it. However, they can only make these moves while the Goose has been caught and placed back in its home. If the Goose has the bell, there’s still one last chance for victory should the Groundskeeper catch the Goose running home with the bell.

My partner and I are huge fans of Untitled Goose Game, so it felt only right to build our favourite honker in LEGO. Please consider supporting this project and hopefully you'll be able to enjoy it as we've been!

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