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Lego Con Stage

Hey, Lego fans!

I hope you enjoyed the first-ever Lego con as much as I did. I wanted to celebrate this occasion, by building a replica of the set that was used in the Lego con. And what material is more suitable for this purpose than Lego bricks?!

I've tried to include every single detail, which we saw during the show, so there's the main area of the stage, with the Lego house waterfall in the background, and most importantly, with the iconic Lego con coffee table. Also here you can find the two hosts: Melvin Odoom and Michelle Khare

On the other side of the stage, there's L.l.a.m.a. DJ setup, unfortunately, I couldn't get the digital version of the DJ himself, so I replaced it with a Minifigure of my own, who will be replaced by L.l.a.m.a. as soon as he gets added to studio.

If you look to the other side of the build then you can spot the director, along with two cameramen, a photographer, and a sound engineer.

So what are you waiting for?!
Adjust the lights, get the crew ready, hop on the set, start recording and action!

I hope you will find this set as cool as I do.

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