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The Lion King - Pridelands and Elephant Graveyard


Welcome to the pridelands of The Lion King! But beware of the elephant graveyard. This LEGO model features pride rock, as seen in the movie, and the elephant graveyard. With this set you can act out the events of Simba and Narla running off from pride rock and finding themselves in the elephant graveyard, to be confronted by a hyena. Will Mufasa or Zazu find them before Scar does? Also, act out the exciting moment when Rafiki, on the edge of pride rock, shows young Simba to the animals of the pridelands, as Mufasa proudly stands behind his son. 


  • Young Simba
  • Young Narla
  • Rafiki with staff
  • Hyenea
  • Mufasa
  • Scar
  • Zazu

(Please note that I was unable to create some of these characters and their aspects, but the set would come with them made as they are meant to be)


  • Pride rock with open cave
  • Small lake
  • Tree
  • Elephant skull 
  • Elephant carcass

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