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Candle City Shop


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Hi, this is my new idea called Candle City Shop. It has a total of 302 pieces. On the inside you have two different colored tables that have hand soap bottles with pumps, two small square candles, a crate with two big birthday candles, two selves that hold square bar soap, auto scents, a cash register with computer, another black plain computer for the customer, telephone, scanner, credit card reader, credit card, 100. dollar bill white. On the outside you have about 12 blue clear windows, two door frames and two doors, a white round sign, a security camera on the roof, and a hand made sign that says H r and that stands for Home relaxation. Lego ideas and the Lego company have tons of city products on today's market accept for the stores that sells home goods for homes. This set idea would be a great one for everyone to own who like to build and place with Lego City. I have many more great ideas that would make this set even better if this is submitted and accepted. Thanks for your vote and have a great day! 

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