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This is a LEGO replica of the flea market from the popular YouTube web series Sunset Paradise. The show was created by Luke and Kevin Lerdwichagul and the story is about a girl named Meggy Spletzer who takes a vacation to Port Aurora. Unfortunately for her, the town has become plagued with criminal activity in the lead-up to its Phoenix Festival which takes place once every 100 years, and the closest thing the island has to an authority figure is the inept deputy Auri Bori who Meggy meets and befriends.

The set comes with 1 minifigure and 1 buildable figure: Meggy Spletzer and Auri Bori. Accessories for the minifigures include Meggy's suitcase, Auri's spear, 3 pink ice cream cones, 3 blue ice cream cones and 1 purple Ice cream cone.

Ice Cream Cart:
This is the ice cream cart from the pilot episode, it comes with 3 pink ice cream cones, 3 blue ice cream cones and 1 purple ice cream cone.

Knock Over The Cans Game:
This is the knock over the cans game that also shows up in the pilot episode, it comes with a gun, 3 hamster plushies, 1 raptor plushie, 1 police car plushie, 2 cat plushies and 1 big SMG4 plushie.

The reason I built this is that Meggy is my favorite character from SMG4 and when she got her own show I loved it. I believe this would make a great set because Sunset Paradise was a very popular show, it has been adored by many fans around the world, it has something that deserves even more than just a series. Please support this set and make Luke and Kevin proud!

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