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Japanese 3-Story Pagoda


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About the model:
A three story Japanese-style pagoda. I was inspired to create this MOC after visiting Kyoto and being awed at how much Japanese architecture stands out with it's colorful palette and intricate detail. I specifically referenced the pagoda at the Kiyomizu-dera temple while designing this model. I am very proud of my creation, and my own set brightens up my apartment (though it I had to swap out some unavailable colors).

Notable Features:
  • Curved roof sections
  • Consecutive beam and arch detail in the ceiling
  • Small touches- hanging blue bells, fences, patterned tiles
Other Info:
Number of Pieces: 2506
Unique lots: 111
Measures ~ 50 x 19 cm (20 x 7.5 in).
Built with Studio [Bricklink] and constructed with physical LEGO for additional testing.

This is my very first submitted product idea! Thank you for checking it out.