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221B Baker Street


Welcome to 221B Baker Street, home to the master detective Sherlock Holmes.

This model is of the main room usually depicted in the many films and TV shows, and I have included both a large and small version. I’ve tried to put as much detail as possible in both models, and also tried to build of the smaller model for the larger one and to fix the small details that might have escaped my notice while I was building the smaller version.


A few details of this model are,

1) The smaller of the two uses 361 bricks, while the larger one uses 526 bricks, so the set should cost around $50 to $70 there about.

2) Comes with 2 minifigures (Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson)

3) These particular models are based on the TV series from 1984 and 1994, but as the general layout and look of Mr. Holmes residence roughly stay the same though the many TV/Movies, this model can really depict your favorite TV/movie Sherlock version.

To learn more about Mr. Holmes go to the link below

That’s all! If you like it please support it, every one helps, and if you have a tip post a comment!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make this a real set!

Thanks for your support.


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