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GingerBread House


Hi everyone, This is my new Lego Idea called Gingbread House, I built this Gingerbread house because Lego and Lego Ideas don't have any Christmas sets up for voting, it has 312 total pieces. This house has inside a fireplace with flame, a cupboard, another cupboard, a kitchen stove with burners, a silver pot, a kitchen table, 3 seats that are brown, and a kitchen brown sink with faucet and hand soap. On the Outside of the house you have a light brown door, four windows, on the roof of the house you have a chimney and a black cap. On top you also have Christmas lights, candy, gummydrops. Also on the outside you have a boy with cookie, a girl with cookie, and a witch with broom. I thought it would be great to have your own Gingerbread House that you can build out of Lego's for the Holidays. I hope you will help make this idea into a real product.Happy Holidays and Thanks! Your Lego friend and builder Treetop2017

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