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LEGO Temple Run

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What we have here is astounding. A LEGO construction toy product created just for the new iPhone (and soon to be Android) game: Temple Run. As most know, Temple Run is an addictive Game based on the fact that you have to survive the perils of the temple. I wanted to bring this experience to LEGO bricks.

Main Temple Wall:
The main Temple Wall includes realistic details that stay true to the game. As you can see, from the bottom, there are two pegs and connectors which allow the wall to always be expanded for fun and endless play. In addition to this, I wanted to add features which make the game very interesting. There is a tree root added which gives the wall an extra "touch". There is also a "roof" section which extends a few bricks high to give the wall intricate details.

You may also notice the set comes with Minifigures- of course it would. Included is: Guy Dangerous, an idol, and three monkeys. Guy Dangerous' clothing "looks" stay true to the game's version of the character. Also included are the three monkeys you see at the beginning of the game, when you lose, or stumble upon an obstacle. In addition to this, I also added the idol.

Extension wall:

In order to keep the fun going, included is another "half-wall" which allows endless play. It can also be connected to the main temple wall by using the two black pegs.

Extension packs coming soon with more walls, bridges, etc.!

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Temple Run™ is a registered trademark of Imangi Studios, LLC.

The main wall and extension wall included in the set.

Don't get eaten!

Add endless hours of play to the set with the extension walls!

The Minifigures included in the set.

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