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The Conquest of the Magical Portal

This is the magical portal. It it was opened by the creatures of the multiverse. They come to rule the world and nobody can stop them. Nobody?? There is only one knight who will fight against the new danger. He is a Black Falcon and he will try to close the portal.
The magic portal is open now and maybe more creatures will come through. As you can see the nature around the portal is changing and the big tree in ruins comes to live. The magical fire burns and will give power to the creatures.

I like to build fantasy landscapes and this idea I had last week when I build some fantasy figures. I thought I need a nice diorama as base for my fantasy minifigures. My idea is to use this as diorama or it is also possible to use for playing. My daughter tested with her minifigs and she likes to remove the small bridge and close the magical portal.
My build is placed on a 32x32 baseplate and includes 4 minifigures.
  • Rupert the headhunter with his Axe
  • The Dragon Lady with a sword forged in black dragon fire
  • The flying deadman
  • Bjoern the Black Falcon Knight, Defender of the earth

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