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YatterWan (Yatterman)


Yatterman (ヤッターマン or Yattāman) is a Japanese anime television series broadcast from January 1977 to 1979 and aired from 2008 through September 2009 with a remake. The heroes of the anime are Yatterman-1 (Gan-chan) and Yatterman-2 (Ai-chan). They fight with their large mechanical dog Yatterwan and their mascotte Omotchama (the dice robot) against the "Doronbo Gang" (Doronjo, Boyacky and Tonzura).

The dog-shaped robot Yatter-Wan is a rescue robot. It is fitted with a siren and a bell, similar to other rescue vehicles, a joystick to control the other features and holds two firehoses on its shoulders. A bone-shaped power pack, known as "Mecha-Tonic", is fed to the dog robot to allow a sudden outburst of strength and activates the robot's special attack: a large group of miniature robots that exit the robots mouth. The mini-robots use their weapons on the enemy, causing the Doronbo's robots to explode and create a skull-shaped explosion cloud.

The project started during these winter holidays. I was playing with a LEGO board game with my cousin. Looking at the dice in my hand I thought:"...I'd like to create something with this dice...". Then I remembered Yatterman Robot dice :-D

Yatterwan can move his head, legs and arms, so it can take the classic anime poses (like when exulting or activating the special attack).

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