Product Idea |

Super Police Helikopter


My project shows the great battle police helicopter for special tasks.The helicopter is black with blue and red lamps and transparent windows.
The kit includes 3 policemen
~ First is a pilot.
~ The other is at the side window and holding rifle.
~ The third is on the other side of the helicopter and observing the area around.
The police are on the head cap and headphones.
The helicopter pilot is dressed in dark blue, and the rest brown.


I built this project for simple reasons:
~ I love fast helicopter
~ I love Lego
~ I love LEGO models LEGO CITY Police
~ And my dream is that my project was approved by LEGO and get 10,000 likes,


I think that would be a great set, due to the shape of the helicopter, color and taste to other sets of LEGO CITY Police.

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