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Imperial Gunship Prototype

This is based during the time period in the middle of episode III and IV, it was a prototype based on the LAAT Gunship during the Clone Wars. It comes with three stormtroopers, one black special forces stormtrooper, one tie fighter pilot and one rebel trooper with a speeder and rocket launcher. The dimensions for the ship are: a length of 16.75", a width of 15" and a height of 6". The sides are closed using a lock and are easily opened again, the cockpit can also be opened. This was built using parts from 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer. The price would probably be around $129.99. Please tell me if anything should be changed.

the front of the gunship and the speeder

The back of the gunship/engines with the speeder in the background

The opened cockpit and the side of the speeder.

The inside of the gunship

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