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Light Up Minifigure Display Case


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Using 100% Lego products, this display case is designed to fit the Lego Power Functions lights as well as either the AAA battery pack or lithium rechargeable pack.

The case is designed to fit 16 minifigures (a complete set of a series of minifigures). The bottom row of the box, the cells are designed with an extra brick's depth to accommodate larger collectible minifigures (i.e. Marge Simpson, Woody, Jessie).

In the back of the box there are 1x2 bricks with Technic sockets where the lights will plug in at the top of each cell. The box can alternately be configured to not be light up with changing out of a few pieces, and removal of the rear door. Comes with 16 minifigure bricks (black 3x4 plates) which can be stored in the rear compartment if the minifigure already includes them. The rear compartment only needs to be opened for either changing/charging the batteries, and the red switch can be used to turn on the lights without opening the rear enclosure. Both the front and rear doors lock closed with a 1x1 holder and handle at the top and bottom. Both doors are hinged for easy opening.

The last two images are an early proof of concept version that I created to see the unit's functionality.

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