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The Time Machine


Presenting H.G. Well's Time Machine as featured in the 1960 and 2002 movies based off of the book published in 1895. Wells certainly is a pioneer in the history of time travel, having coined the term ‘time machine’ himself. Ever since seeing the 2002 movie I’ve been obsessed with his story and design. I would often contemplate why the Time Traveler did this and didn't do that. It fascinated me how every action leads to something else. How through the chaos of time a single strand is solidified as the present. Similarly this is my view on Lego. When you open up a box, chaos pours out. But as time goes on, second by second, brick by brick, an amazing creation is formed. Anything could have been built, but what is in front of you is what came to be.

Each part of the design of the Lego Time Machine is my favorite.  I love the ship wheels used for the center of the glass shields.  I love the use of the r2d2 heads for the clock mechanism or even the how the yellow railing wraps around and connects with the gate pieces.  My favorite favorite piece is the roll top cage from Rock Raiders sets used here as the structural support for the time machine. And even the staircase as part of that structural base. I think it is really cool to have both the 2002 and 1960 version here in one set to see the evolution over time. I only hope you all support it so you can have it for yourself. And as you build it and every time you look at it you travel in time back to your Lego building childhood days or fast forward to dream about the day you become a master builder.

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