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Modular Bank and Restaurant


This project is a two-story building which has a bank on the first floor and a small restaurant on top. The project includes a bank safe, some valuables, some stacks of money, 7 minifigs, 2 pizzas, a croissant, a whole fried turkey, some pine trees, a kitchen, and a bank teller line.

The minifigures are: Bank Teller, Waitress, Chef, and some Customers. The customers can be used in either the restaurant or the bank. The building has nice windows and a big tower facade with some money stuck to it. The restaurant has a few tables and a trash can. It also features a woodburning oven for the pizzas, bread, and turkey. The safe in the bank has some dials and numbers on it. When opened, it reveals a stack of money.

Please support this project! You know you want this to become a set!

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