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Peterbilt 379 UltraCab Day Cab

If you look at my profile, you'll probably deduce that I'm a big fan of awesome cars and trucks, and therefore like to build them. And you'd be right! But some of my favorite vehicles to date are what are commonly known as "semis" or "tractor-trailers." More specifically, I think Peterbilts are really cool. So, I came up with the idea of building the Peterbilt 379 UltraCab Day Cab, one of the Peterbilt company's most popular trucks. I think that this would make for a great set, not only to display this amazing vehicle, but also to give tribute to the many drivers who, for a living, drive supplies and products to and from various locations to benefit the world.
I really enjoyed building this idea, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. In my model I included most of the features and details that are on the actual trucks, including the long exhaust pipes, the windshield visor, the headlights on the front fenders, the electric cable connector behind the cab(for when the truck is hitched to a trailer), two air horns, and more! Please take a look at the pictures to see all the details I included and the building techniques I used to replicate this awesome truck.
Thanks for checking out my product idea for a Peterbilt 379 UltraCab Day Cab! Please hit the support button to help it reach 10k, and don't forget to tell your friends to do so too. :D
Happy building!

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