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LEGO Goonies Set


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Hi to everyone and welcome on this LEGO Ideas set.

I'm really happy to share it with all of you: This set represents a diorama of the Goonies movie that shows the scene in which Mikey, Mouth, Data, Brandon, Andy and Stef began the exploration of the Goon Docks underground. 

In the rear of the box, there is an interchangeable scene: You can choose to show the finding of Chester Copperpot's skeleton or the the Fratelli's old resturant cellar where Chunk meets Sloth for the first time.

On the top, there's a reproduction of the scene in which the four guys went to the Fratelli's restaurant.

But what i just saw in the last image? What could be hidden under the top of the box? A little curious? Please stay tuned to discover what is under it?  

Many many thanks to visit this page and good luck with your LEGO Ideas set.

Bye Bye!

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