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Doctor Who: the Raggedy Doctor


Hello everyone!  I’m jmjt4!  I’d like to tell you a little about this new set I made!

First off, feel free to comment!  Just keep your comments clean and constructive.

I have only recently really gotten into Doctor Who.  It was during Christmas and I had bought a Doctor Who Christmas Carol starring Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor.  I absolutely loved it!  Afterwards, I started watching all seasons with Smith.

This set is based on the first episode of Matt Smith’s series, “The Eleventh Hour”.  In it, the Doctor first appears at Amelia Pond’s house, wearing a raggedy shirt and torn pants.  He takes a look at a crack in her wall and realizes it’s no ordinary crack.  He leaves, and doesn’t come back for many years.

When he returns, Amelia (who now calls herself Amy) is dressed as a cop and pretends not to know him.  That is why I included two Pond figures.  One for Amelia and one for Amy.

The house contains three rooms, a kitchen/dining room, Pond’s bedroom, and a secret room with Prisoner Zero. 

On the table in the kitchen is a bowl of custard and fish fingers, the first meal that the Doctor didn’t think was disgusting.  Also, there is a refrigerator and a stove.

Amelia’s bedroom has her bed and her dresser.  There is also the mysterious crack in time running through her wall.  To change it Amy’s bedroom, all you have to do is add the milk-carton TARDIS and a “Raggedy Doctor” doll she made when she was younger.

The room next to the bedroom is the secret room.  This is where Prisoner Zero hid for quite a few years.  In the episode, it was a storage room, so I added a cardboard-colored box.

Out front of the house is a swing set and of course, the TARDIS, TIME AND RELATIVE DIMENSION IN SPACE.  This was only the second TARDIS I have built. 

The first one was an utter failure.  It didn’t have the classic indentations on the sides, and it was missing the windows on the top.  The roof was even flat!

The set includes four minifigures and one figure:

  • The Raggedy Doctor with his Sonic Screwdriver
  • Amelia Pond with her suitcase
  • Amy Pond in cop costume with handcuffs and spare wig
  • Prisoner Zero

This will not be the last Doctor Who set I make.  I have already made a fleet of Daleks, the Silence, and Professor River Song.  If you have any other ideas for sets made out of individual episodes, just tell me and I’ll do my best!   

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The piece count is 563.

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