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The Gramophone


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The Gramophone is the predecessor to the modern day record player! It features a large iconic horn at the top. At the base of the horn was a small needle, which would sit in the grooves of a record, and as it spun around, would play music!

The horns of the Gramophones were generally made out of tin, brass, or sometimes even wood! They were sometimes painted with beautiful patterns to make them stand out even more!

This model contains just over 1700 pieces, and contains three colorful records; which can be placed into the center of the Gramophone! A small crank handle on the back of the box can be spun, to rotate the record in the center!

The base box of the Gramophone measures in at 10x10 inches, and the horn on top reaches up to 13 inches tall!

The small records are around 5x5 inches!

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