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Big Red Lego Shifter


About This Project

This is the second set idea of my Lego Shifters. In the far future there is a sport that combines racing and boxing into one ultimate form of entertainment. For more about how the sport breaks down look up my first Lego Shifter the Burnout Racebot. This model is called Big Red. It is more designed for the boxing portion of the event than the race. That doesn't mean that the truck is slow because it is actually quite fast for it's size. Big Red is a heavyweight in the sport that is very feared in the ring and not to be overlooked on the track.

Play Features:

  • Truck can shift from truck to mech mode.
  • Holds one minifigure in the driver's seat.
  • The roof opens/closes for easy access inside.
  • In mech mode Big Red has good articulation and is very pose able.


  • One minifigure.
  • A trophy.

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