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Centre Pompidou


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The Centre Pompidou in Paris has since its construction in the 1970's been a unique building not only in Paris but in the whole world. Its fascinating and intricate construction has for long made this one of my absolutely favorite buildings, in one of my favorite cities, housing a fantastic museum.

My ambition has been to - despite the scale - both keep as much of the technical details of the building's external structure, and the original buildings proportions, so that it can stand nicely beside the Lego Architecture Louvre set. That is also why the Place George Pompidou in front of the building, with Atelier Brancusi and large vents, is a bit cropped so that the base plate depth is only 24 studs.

It's visible structure and color-coded building systems makes the Centre Pompidou appear almost like a gigantic Lego construction in itself which would make it well suited to become a great Lego set. Interestingly, while the unique external structures works as the original building's skeleton, in this Lego model the small scale forced me to do the other way around and let the building body carry the structure and mechanical systems with all their small parts.

Total parts: 1950
Measurements (width x depth x height): 30,4 x 19,2 x 12,8 cm / 38 x 24 x 16 studs.

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