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Vinyl, Cafe and Books


For all your entertainment we present you: Vinyl, cafe and Books! It's a modern building with vintage goods for sale. You can also drink a cup of coffee in the cafe, have a piece of pie or some wine.

The building comes with a revolving door as entrance, wich can be fold in. It has an elevator to reach the first and second floor. A lightning conductor on top of the building. Cameras, a record player, sound equipment, a coffee machine and of course a toilet.

At the ground floor you will find the record shop wich sells vinyl, CDs and books. The first floor is in use as cafe. Here you can have a drink or you can have a seat on the second floor, at the balcony.

At the end of the stairs, wich lead to the second floor, there reveals the folding stairs to the roof, from where the elevator installation can be accessed.

The elevator works with a small lever wich is located on the roof at the back of the building. To avoid snapping of the elevator cable the elevator shaft don't have to be removed when you want to access the first or ground floor.

The building comes with five minifigures: saleswoman, waiter, young mother, customer and a mechanic.

We hope you like the Lego model as much as we like it. And thank you for your support!

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