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Mini Palace

About the build

this building describes the look of a fantasy palace.

It is not inspired by any specific palace or castle, it is a mixture of features and characteristics of tens if not hundreds of thousands of different palaces in fairy tales, stories, and movies around the world.

Model Information

  • The model has a total of 217 parts.
  • The model was designed with brick link-studio software.
  • the image in the background of the palace was taken from Canva gives you a ton of free images and art.

why did I build that?

in my opinion, some of the Lego sets are way too big and expensive, so on Lego ideas I am trying to make small and cool builds become real sets, so everyone can buy them.

support the build if you think it deserves to stay on the Lego shelves!

Don't forget to share your opinion about the build in the comments!
I will improve the build with your ideas in an update :)

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