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Lego Supermarket


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Welcome to our Lego supermarket, I built this with my son. This is what we believe is missing from any lego town. We have a police station, fire station, hospital, train station, the list goes on, but no supermarket. Hey, even minifigures need supplies. So here is our fully stocked supermarket, everything minifigures need from fish, bread & cakes, eggs to fruit & veg. Grab a shopping  cart  and make you're way down the aisles, visit the fish counter, the deli, meet the baker, the butcher, past the freezers and chillers, (dont forget to pick up milk), and finally to the checkouts, beep.

Update 1: we have now added a shopping trolley/cart bay to the front along with an ATM. Also added some technic parts to help the doors slide open and closed.

Update 2: now added a roof, which is removable, it sit on top with a few pieces on the underside which hold it in place, also a brick effect front.

Set Includes:
Deli worker
Checkout operators
Customers, including a "Karen"
Shopping carts.

Thankyou for your support
Alan & Ollie

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