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Ferris Wheel With Moving Bucket Challenge Game

Here is a model I built using scratch. It's based off of real Ferris wheels. It's a Ferris wheel with a moving bucket challenge carnival game. They are both powered by a Powered-Up motor, a Powered Up hub, and a Powered Up sensor detector. The gears control both the Ferris wheel, and the carnival game. The Ferris Wheel can fit 5 minifigures in each gondola. There are 16 gondolas on the Ferris wheel. The gondolas are in each different color: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, and magenta. The moving bucket challenge is a carnival game that both kids and adults can play to win a stuffed animal/plush toy. The sign has a print that says, "No pets", "No strollers", "No wheelchairs", and "No weapons". The operating switch turns on the Ferris wheel and carnival game to make them move just like the carousel and the other moving bucket challenge from the 2013 LEGO set 10235.

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