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ExoNova Mission Snowmobile


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    The ExoNova missions started in 2089, when a team of scientists left earth to go to the Alpha Centauri solar system. The hubble space telescope had detected a habitable ice planet! It was small and abandoned except for a translucent, alien plant that looked like icy stalagmites.

   The planet was named Avoran, and the scientists got to it in 2093. They set about converting the planet's atmosphere to support life. In the third generation, the inhabitants olnly had to wear gas masks when they went outside. 

   In this model, we have Jason strell, a minerologist who has to find power chrystals to generate electricity for the machinery back at base, which malfuncion during the heavy snow storms. His drone conpanion, DOUG, scans the icy surface for caves that may hold the chrystals!

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