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X-34 Police Mech 2.0!


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This is a Police Mech. I made it in my spare time, and am pleased with how it turned out. How I made it originally was through trial and error. (Mechs are HARD!) Eventually I broke down, and went to Lego. I looked in catalogs and online instructions for all the mech builds, and looked what the Lego designers used, then mixed and matched, and tweaked the ideas, until I was happy with it. Now, I have updated the colors and design on, and it looks MUCH better. The reason I think this would make a great set is the flexibility and detail. The mech itself, has the ability to run, fly, and pick things up. It's accessories include: wings mounted to it's back, and 2 single stud-shooters on each arm. This set also includes a thief with a bag full of cash and a crowbar! Hope you like this build and check out some of my other projects! ~J :0)

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