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Lego - Magic Numbers

Even as a child, I regularly played with Lego bricks and am still fascinated by the range of possible uses. Currently I would like to introduce a patience game, which I was able to get to know and love in a similar form but of a different kind in my earliest childhood.

The task is to place the white stones with the numbers in a continuous series of numbers from 1-15. First, however, the still unordered number tiles are placed irregularly in the game frame. To do this, open the white round keystone in the corner and remove the black dot stone that serves as a placeholder. Then place the tiles next to each other and on top of each other in a grid and in an unordered manner in the game frame.

Then you close the frame of the game again with the white keystone and begin to move back and forth by skilfully dragging and using the empty space previously kept free by the black dot stone until a regular series of numbers is created again.

The whole thing can also be extended to a small competition of several players with the addition of a watch, or it can also be a game of patience for one person in a very classic way.

Have fun building and playing; please support this game idea with your vote and pass it on to friends and acquaintances.

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