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Lego Sports - Bowling Ally

With the idea of the Lego Sports, the idea is a full set full of sports recreated into Lego form. The first would be the Lego Bowling Ally (AKA, Lego Ally-Way). It would be a recreation of bowling in a Lego Style. The set would include 4 or more Lego characters, 1 Lego bowling ball, at least one of the lanes shown, the seats, the computer, and the back-display. The display can be changed if anyone doesn't like the current design. The design is not play-able, but could possibly be done if wanted. These are only computer simulations of the set, done with the Lego Digital Designer Version 4.2. Comment if any other sports should be done, and be sure to support the idea. Let the Lego Sports Bowling Ally set come to local stores everywhere!

Ideas for a Lego Sports set can, and will possibly include,
and more... If you have an idea, be sure to tell it in the comments.

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