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Ninjago: Shurikens of Ice


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Here is my latest project... Zane's Trusty Shurikens of Ice! These mighty weapons were created in just 27 hours, and with over 3,000 bricks (Each!!!)! This is what the greatest LEGO Ninjago fan needs! 

Why should this be a real set?

This should be a real set because it gives the Ninjago fans something more than just a small playset, but something that is lifesize, and can make any Ninjago collection into the best! Besides, who wouldn't want to have the Golden Weapons of a nindroid?

How should LEGO design this set?

They just need to keep it with the Ninjago design, but make sure it looks a bit different then any other LEGO Ninjago set.

Model Stats:

  • Over 30 hours put into this model
  • Each brick has been hand placed
  • Over 6,000 bricks (In total)
  • Almost matches the real LEGO Brick!


Come support this amazing LEGO Ninjago model and bring this crazy awesome build to stores everywhere!!!


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