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Cell Biology Laboratory

"Science can be introduced to children well or poorly. If poorly, children can be turned away from science; they can develop a lifelong antipathy; they will be in a far worse condition than if they had never been introduced to science at all." - Isaac Asimov

I'm a postrgraduate student in "Molecular and Cellular Biology". I have chosen to join two passions I have always had: Biology and LEGO.
In this project I represented a laboratory in which the interest is focused on the cell, the basic unit of all known living organisms. Studies on cells allow us to understand how our orgnanism function: in this way, they could help us to find a cure for genetic disease, injuries, contagious disease, etc.
The project is composed by six sections: first of all we have the entrance of the laboratory, then we have a workbench, a basin with solutions, a laminar flow hood, a fluorescence microscope and professor's desk.
Three minifigures are the protagonists of the set: Professor Umami, Dr. Lory Rhodamine and Dr. Sam Emsa.

P.S. Sorry for my English.

Fig. 1: Entrance of the laboratory (closed) with the sliding "lab-door".

Fig. 2: Top view of the laboratory (closed) where it is possible to see all the sections.

Fig. 3: Four of six sections of the building: Professor's office with computer and a high resolution microscope (upper left); cell culture incubator, fluorescence microscope and a computer with a software to analyze datas (upper right); Dr. Emsa is preparing a culture medium (lower left); Dr. Rhodamine (with the openable laminar flow hood) is taking care of cells.

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