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Megaman: Iceman Stage


In this project, I present you a set based on the first Megaman videogame, specifically on the Iceman stage. Megaman, also called Rockman, is a battle robot that stars many games of several videogame consoles, such as Nintendo, Game Boy, SNES, Playstation and others.

I tried to represent some game objects, like the stage enemies (flying penguin and spinning robot) and some disappearing blocks. Another very characteristic item of Megaman games present in this set is the boss gate.

I hope you all enjoy this set!

This set includes:

  • Megaman minifigure
  • Iceman minifigure
  • Flying penguin (Peng)
  • Spinning robot (Spine)
  • One 1up item (Extra life)
  • One Energy tank item (replenish life energy)

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