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The Maestro's Baton

"The Maestro's Baton" set includes four components:
1) the conductor’s baton, with a reddish brown handle and the white stick.
2) a functional case to protect the baton, that I imagine made of ebony with a burgundy velvet interior. Small golden bricks are embedded in the case, and a special gold plaque bears the name 'maestro' bringing an additional elegant detail to the set. This case opens smoothly to reveal the baton, providing builders with an interactive experience.
3) a new personalised minifigure is included in the set: dressed in a tailcoat and white bowtie, the minifigure represents the Maestro, holding a small baton in his hand.
4) a conductor's podium with a music score on the stand completes the set .

The conductor's baton isn't just a simple wooden stick, it's an instrument that communicates the Maestro's musical interpretation to the musicians of an orchestra during a concert. The conductor's baton is the bridge that connects the composer's vision with the audience's ears, and I wanted to celebrate and pay homage to this essential and very peculiar instrument, which sometimes can really operate like a magician’s wand! The conductor, in fact, cannot speak during the concert and the gestures of the hand and the baton silently and "mysteriously" express musical ideas through little movements and flicks in the air.
Being myself a trained conductor, with "The Maestro's Baton" set I wanted to pay tribute to the timeless art of classical music and the role of the conductor in guiding the orchestra through musical journeys.
I have got quite a lot of different batons that I used during the years to conduct orchestras at the conservatorium, in concerts or in competitions around the world. Each one is different, and I used to choose one or the other according to the music I was going to conduct or according to my mood of the day: longer or shorter stick, heavier or lighter, pear or round-shaped handle and so on. I also used a baton designed and build with a 3D printer, but - as a Lego fan - I wanted to create my own brick version... and so, here we are! I designed a model that reproduces what my ideal model would be like: not-too-long white stick, little metal insertion for balance purposes, a pear-shaped reddish brown handle and an elegant black case with a burgundy interior.

I believe that this set would become a 'must have' for music enthusiasts and LEGO collectors. I think this baton could be a pretty object to place in a showcase or on the desk, and I would definitely put it on the shelf with my music scores and my CDs...
I hope I was able to create something that would be a nice set to look at, but also provide a good building experience. Lastly, I would like anyone building this set to feel like a true conductor, even just for a day! It would be wonderful to convey the excitement of holding the baton in front of an orchestra through this Lego set.

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