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Modular Scientific Research Lab

Hey there! This is my Modular Torrel Industries Research Lab, where Torrels top scientists brainstorm many incredible inventions! The lab is made up of four sections unique to each scientist.

MODULE ONE - Power: This module provides all the power to the lab. Although this is unconfirmed, there have been reports of mad screams of "IT'S ALIVE!"

MODULE TWO - Conveyor belt: This is the workspace where the engineers of Torrel like to play around with all their little gadgets and gizmos.

MODULE THREE - Microscope and viewing chamber: The place where the more observant scientists like to hang out and gaze upon sometimes the least important item. They can find the smallest details on the smallest bricks.

MODULE FOUR - Clean room and computer: These scientists like to jam along to their favorite songs while doing some very serious work!

I really hope you enjoy this! This was my first time building digitally, and it was a lot of fun. Oh, and don't forget to check out my other creations!

The black and clear thing is the clean box/room :-)

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