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In-N-Out Burger


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I built this set with one thing in mind: To bring In-N-Out home to everyone!

This is a Lego set of an In-N-Out burger fast food restaurant. In-N-Out burger is a very well known fast food restaurant in the USA and was originally founded in southern California. Since then, they have grown to have many locations throughout the west coast. In-N-Out Burger has absolutely stunned the taste buds of a countless number of people over the years and has been a place where many memories are made. 

I built this set simply because I have enjoyed every moment spent at In-N-Out Burger.

  • This set has 1108 pieces.
  • comes with 5 mini figures: 3 customers and 2 In-N-Out workers
  • removable roof top to reveal interior
  • Their are many details in and outside of the set of which the pictures can speak for themselves: some examples-  the kitchen, sink, faucet, oven, cash register, tiled floor, In-N-Out logo, inside and outside dining, trash cans, palm trees, etc.

I believe this idea would make a great lego set simply because In-N-Out has won the hearts of many food fanatics and it is a great set to add to your lego city!

Thank you and please support! 

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