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Neo Galaxy Explorer - 2-in-1

Galaxies don't explore themselves, now you can once again do so in style if you help make this Neo Galaxy Explorer set a reality.

Taking the iconic Classic Space Look & Feel and bringing it into the modern age, the Neo Galaxy Explorer exhibits the same basic shapes and colours as the models from days gone, keeping the clean look but merging it with design principles of the current era like smoother surfaces and more intricate shapes.

Below you can see the docking process in action. Two clips provide ample stability in the front, then the rear of the shuttle is pushed onto two studs in the back of the main ship to make the docking process complete:

This set combines both the nostalgia factor for adults - who either grew up with LEGO Classic Space or otherwise wish they did - and the fun factor for kids who simply enjoy exploring the galaxy. The many fan sites, Facebook groups, Sub-Reddits, etc. show the immense yearning that exists in the adult target audience for sets like this. At the same time, this set aims to retain the playability of the sets of old in order to introduce the young generation to the LEGO universe. The two-ships-in-one design invites kids to explore new galaxies with a friend or a parent. The Neo Galaxy Explorer is therefore the perfect parent/child set.

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