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Drakkar: The Ride

No amusement park is complete without the iconic rocking ship ride!

Seen here is a rendition of a nordic drakkar ship, named "the Viking", to which people are lining up to hop in. Although such a vessel may look really heavy to hold, there's nothing to fear as the technic pin rely on four giant support columns so you can swing this boat back and forth without a problem

The Viking is equiped with 18 seats with safety bars, an-old timey steering wheel, golden wings, a lot of decorative shields and of course a menacing horned head at the front. The whole set revolves around the same rustic colors that give this ride a vintage look: red, green, brwon, gold, grey and black. Crowning the structure is crowned with an enormous viking helmet. In front of the drakkar is a themed ticket booth with the activation lever, along with a Viking entrance, security gates and trash cans. There's even a little rolling staircase for your minifigures to climb up into the drakkar.

Five minifgures are included, but there's much more room than the boat than that! Two fair workers, a child, a women with ice cream and a man with a stylish fedora are all part of the set.

Show it off!
This would make a great addition to any Lego amusement park collection, along with the ferris wheel and the many coasters. The symmetry of the build not only makes this a fun build for all ages but also an awesome decoration piece.

Like this idea? Then support the project, let's get the drakkar a "boatload" of votes!

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