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HMS Endurance


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The Endurance was a three-masted, one-engined, Norwegian-built Barquentine. Endurance was designed by Ole Aanderud Larsen to be a luxury yacht capable of polar travel, and at the time of her launch in 1915 was regarded as the sturdiest wooden ship of her time. Endurance is best known for being the vessel of choice for the Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew of 27 men. Three years after her launch the Endurance became trapped in Antarctic ice in the Weddell Sea, which crushed and eventually sank her. All of the crew survived. On the 5th of March 2022, the Wreck of Endurance was discovered 3009m deep by the search team Endurance22. True to her name Endurance remains in good condition after 107 years. The discovery of the wreck of Endurance inspired me to create this design. It is intended to be a display set focused at adults, much like the Official LEGOTM Titanic. There are many obscure techniques to capture the complex geometries of the hull. I really enjoyed designing this and found many aspects challenging and interesting to figure out. I find the concept of a scaled model ship in LEGO interesting, so decided to realise it for the Endurance.

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