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Dual Knight Robot

See what Dual can do in this video:

Meet the Dual Knight Robot! The most durable robot from the middle ages, Dual, protects the earth and other planets as he fights evil robots and sci-fi villains. He leads Blade, Robust, and Jasper into battle with the enemy. His head, shoulders, torso, arms, hands, and legs can turn in full 360-degree angles. Also, his feet can rotate back and forth. His cape can be adjusted by a piece that moves in the back. His weapon is a sword that can split in two making a double sword. He also has a shield.

In addition to his medieval style and handsome looks, Dual has great balance and can stand on one foot. He can sit, crawl, squat, stand on his hands, and can do a number of poses. He would make a great Lego set for kids and teens who are looking for a medieval, robotic, action figure that has great mobility. All these features can be seen in Dual! His catchphrase: On the double!

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