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The Old Workhorse - Traction Engine

Farewell to The Old Workhorse


Hi everyone

With only one day left it looks as if sadly The old Workhorse has finally run out of steam. :( 

A huge thank you to everyone who has given the project their support and to all the websites and media publications who helped me to promote the project. Over the last couple of years I've been lucky enough to have the project featured in newspapers and magazines and was even interviewed on local BBC radio about it.

Once again, thanks to everyone on LEGO IDEAS who voted for the model. I'm sorry I couldn't get it all the way to 10,000. Although The Old Workhorse will be heading for the scrap yard, I do still have a couple of other projects on LEGO IDEAS which are both doing well, Bricks & Blooms and Brick Town Police Station, so please check those ones out as well.

Thanks again

John (Bricked1980)


The Old Workhorse "In Action!"


Hi everyone.

I've created a video all about the Old Workhorse showing the set in detail and how all the features work. You can check it out on Youtube at the link below. If you like this video then please be sure to share it with other people you think might be interested. Many thanks!



Wishing everyone on LEGO Ideas a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Here is a shot of "The Old Workhorse" re-imagined as a winter village style set.

Once again Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for all your votes in 2018. Please continue to share this on social media and with anyone you think might be interested and lets see if we can get "The Old Workhorse" steaming towards 10,000 votes in 2019.

Brick Built Versions of the Wagon & Accessories


I've now completed work building the rest of the set from real bricks. Below are some pictures of the The Old Workhorse alongside the wagon and various other side builds that accompany the model. I'm really pleased with how this has turned out. The model was very fun to build and very strong with no stability issues. It feels more like a complete set now that I've built the entire model.

I've had to switch some colours to support ones that are currently in production. However if the model ever reached 10,000 votes and was selected for production then my wish would still be for the set to be produced in the original colour scheme of Emerald Green with Red wheels as shown in my original pictures. :) 

There are many more pictures of the brick built model on Flickr. Please continue to vote for the model and share with friends or anyone else you think would be interested. I really do appreciate every single vote. Thanks very much. 

Brick Built Model and Slight Model Revisions


Hi everyone

I've now completed a brick built version of the Traction Engine. In order to do this I've had to come up with a different colour scheme as many of the bricks I used in my original rendered images are not curently available in those colours. I'm really pleased with how this version has turned out although I think it would still be my preference for this model to be produced in it's original livery of earth green with red wheels, if ever it was lucky enough to go all the way on LEGO Ideas. :D

I've also made some improvements to the design of the model. The funnel has been re-designed, it now tapers towards the top and has a gold cap to more closely resemble a real traction engine funnel. I've also re-designed some of the detailing on top of the boiler to appear more realistic and also to improve stability. I'm really pleased with how strong and structurally sound the model is when built with real Lego bricks.

I hope you like this version of the model and how it looks when built with real bricks. I'll be building the wagon and other parts of the set over the next few weeks as well, so will provide an update with those when they're finished.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting this project. It really does mean a lot to me and I'm very grateful for every single vote. Please do continue to vote if you've not done so already and please feel free to share the model on facebook, twitter or with anyone you think might be interested.

Thanks very much

John (Bricked1980)

The Old Workhorse, In The Press


Over the past week my model has been featured in 3 publications. First of all I'm really excited to say I have a double page spread and interview all about the model in the October 2018 issue of the excellent Blocks magazine.


On September 15th the model was printed on the front page of the Leicester Mercury with a full page article on page 3. You can read the article online here. Leicester Mercury Article


There is also a small write up about my model in the latest issue of "Model Engineer" magazine.


I'm really grateful to all these publications for running their articles about my model. :)



Hi everyone

I have created this miniature version of The Old Workhorse made up from just 82 bricks. I have made the instructions available below. Please feel free to use these and have a go at building the model yourselves. The only thing I ask in return is that you please support my project if you haven't done so already. :) Hope you like this fun miniature version and enjoy building it.


Some New Pictures


Hi everyone

I wanted to share a few new images I've created of The Old Workhorse - Traction Engine. Hope you like them. Thanks so much to everyone who is supporting the project, it really is very much appreciated.

If you like the model then please give it your support if you haven't done so already, and please continue to share it with anyone else you think might be interested. Thank you very much.

Thank You For 1000 Supports


A massive thank you to everyone who has taken the time to support my project, and helped it reach the 1000 milestone in just over 5 weeks. I really do appreciate it. Thanks so much!

Please keep voting if you haven't done so already and continue to share this with anyone you know who might be interested.

I also want to thank everyone who has been sharing this and spreading the word on facebook, twitter and various Lego sites and fan forums.

A big thanks also goes to all the Lego sites and blogs who have featured my model over the past few weeks.

The Brothers Brick

The Lego Car Blog



Mike Shouts

Oficina Dos Baixinhos

The Brick Blogger

Bouw Steentjes

Once again, thanks so much everyone. : )

New Images


Hi everyone. A huge thank you to everybody who has supported my project so far, I really appreciate it. Not too far to go now till the next milestone of 1000 supports. :)

Here are a couple more images of the model.

If you click the link below you can see a 3D digital version of the model. You can use your mouse to move around and zoom in and out to get an idea of how the model is put together.